Michael Michaud Black-Eyed Susan Pendant

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Michael Michaud pendant from the Black-Eyed Susan collection. Cast in bronze with a 24ct gold finish, accented with gold leaf and cast glass centre. Supplied on an adjustable 19 to 20 1/2 inch chain. Handcrafted in New York. Pendant Diameter 45mm.
The Michael Michaud Jewellery collection is cast in bronze and sterling silver directly from botanical elements in order to reflect the intricate beauty of nature. Black-Eyed Susans are one of the most popular wildflowers and tend to blanket open fields with their charming, golden-yellow beauty and rich, standout centers. This North American native typically blossoms during mid-summer. Often captured time after time in beautiful landscape paintings and used as a popular subject in photography, these flowers surely know how to make an impression.
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