Michael Michaud Lavender Drop Earrings

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Michael Michaud drop earrings from the Lavender collection, with silver hookwire fittings. Cast in hand patinated bronze accented with purple cast glass flowers and buds of pale and deep purple enamel. Handcrafted in New York. Length 48mm.
The Michael Michaud Jewellery collection is cast in bronze and sterling silver directly from botanical elements in order to reflect the intricate beauty of nature. Lavender is a stunning member of many herb gardens and showcases its sweeping drifts of purple hue from early summer into fall. With its silvery-green foliage, upright flower spikes and lovely, fragrant aroma, lavender makes for the perfect addition to floral bouquets and arrangements. Lavender is valued for its healing properties, which can often be found in soaps and oils.
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