We offer a comprehensive range of repair, restoration and bespoke services - working on platinum, gold and silver. Below is an overview of our services:


  • Ring sizing
  • Specialist Jewellery re-finishing/polishing
  • Rhodium & palladium plating
  • Antique & modern jewellery restoration
  • Re-modelling
  • Claw re-tipping
  • Bespoke CAD
  • Laser repairs
  • General jewellery repairs
  • Stone replacements
  • Pearl restringing
  • Repair estimates for insurance claims


General repairs are guaranteed for 12 months. Pearl re-stringing is guaranteed for 6 months.


Any Item/s left for repair are subject to closer inspection by our repair department. They will be cleaned (where applicable) and assessed under magnification. This process may reveal further areas of potential repair which will be discussed with the customer before further proceeding.


Items will be photographed for reference, before and after any repair work. These images may be used for advising on repairs. These images may also be used for case study purposes on the company’s website or social media.


All repairs carry a 12-month guarantee, unless otherwise stated.


Any item/s left with us are fully insured whether on the premises or offsite with a jeweller.


There is no perfect ring size. All sizing’s are a compromise of fit and security. We endeavour to advise when necessary the most appropriate size option.


In the event of a customer determining a ring size themselves (contrary to a size we may advise) a cost will be incurred for any subsequent adjustment, if it is incorrect.


Any items which have not been proceeded or are awaiting collection for whatever reason, will be subject to a holding fee of £25 per month after a 6-week period. This period may be extended, but only at the discretion of the Company Director.